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Monday, March 25, 2024 11AM – 11:45AM Eastern - Toronto
Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba and a Senior Scientist, CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute and
Nancy Lefebre, Senior Vice President and COO for the Business of Caring, SE Health
Dignity in Care

Join Dr. Harvey Chochinov and Nancy Lefebre as they discuss and offer their insights on the struggles of life limiting experiences and understanding end-of-life care for patients, care providers and medical professionals. 

Patients and their caregivers require medical care, physical care and emotional care as they enter the later stages of life. "...this can be as subtle as being kept waiting for an appointment, as insidious as being required to wear a plastic hospital bracelet that tracks them according to an institutional number or code, as jarring as being referred to as an aberrant body part - the proverbial "GI bleed in room two" or "breast tumor in room three." Dignity in Care aims to provide readers with what they need to know about the humanity of care and the tone of care; and how they can engage in these facets of care in a thoughtful and meaningful way that will satisfy their patients' needs to be seen and appreciated as "whole persons." ". Dignity in Care: The Human Side of Medicine, 2022

From the comfort of your own home or space via Zoom, Toronto, Canada , Toronto

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