From 2017-12-07

A group of female doctors has come together to talk about discrimination in the medical industry, and they’re doing it all on Instagram.

The doctors are sharing their own workplace discrimination stories under the hashtag #girlswhoheal.

“I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been told not to pursue medicine, not to pursue a difficult specialty, or not to work full time if I wanted to have a family,” writes Dr. Natalie Crawford. “It is shocking at first. It breaks your heart. It makes you think that maybe you can’t do it. Eventually, you carry on.” 

Another doctor shared an incident from dental school, reporting that when after a rough day, she turned to a female mentor for comfort, a man insinuated that she should simply drop out and get married. “An older male doctor looked at me and smirked then commented loudly in front of my colleagues ‘well honey, if you can’t handle a typical work day in the office, you should have just married rich!’ I was stunned,” she writes. The posts have a recurring theme: Men have often told women, directly or indirectly, that they belong at home.

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