Geneva, Switzerland, 6 November 2014 - The world's health professions have launched the easy-to-use HealthyScore app to help individuals and their health professionals reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – conditions which currently account for 60% of global deaths.

The app was developed by the World Health Professions Alliance WHPA, a unique alliance of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) and the World Medical Association (WMA), with the support of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA).

Why the HealthyScore app?

HealthyScore helps individuals rate their habits with a traffic light system. Customizable reminders support them on the road to healthier living.

The app is designed to:

  1. Educate individuals on how to improve their health through positive behaviour and lifestyle changes.
  2. Empower individuals to work with their health professionals to establish personal health goals and to track their progress over time.

HealthyScore is the app version of the WHPA Health Improvement Card, an important component of the WHPA NCD campaign. Four biometric indicators and four behaviour indicators provide an overview of the person’s health status.

The app helps individuals rate their behaviours. Behaviours in red are labelled as highly risky. Behaviours in yellow indicate caution, and those in green correspond to healthy, sustainable behaviours. The goal is to help patients gradually move their behaviours to the green area.

The HealthyScore app and reminders offer support to individuals and their health professionals to establish mutually agreed goals so as to improve both lifestyle/behavioural and metabolic/biometric risk factors over time. Regular use of this resource allows individuals and health professionals to develop targeted interventions to improve health and well-being.

Overall, the app helps the health community pay due attention to the inextricable link between social determinants of health and the incidence of all NCDs — extending the scope to mental and oral health conditions.

By focusing on a holistic approach to health, WHPA goes beyond the narrow frame of corrective NCD action and promotes a sustainable change in behaviours to achieve health. WHPA hopes this initiative will strengthen communication channels between patients and health professionals.

The HealthyScore app reminds people that health is in their own hands.

About HealthyScore App

HealthyScore App is available for Android and iOS devices

Data Protection: The lifestyle behaviours, personal commitments and reminders will be stored on the personal device only. The HealthyScore app does not share any data with other applications, providers, or third parties.

About WHPA

The World Health Professions Alliance WHPA is a unique alliance of The International Council of Nurses (ICN), the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) and the World Medical Association (WMA). WHPA addresses global health issues striving to help deliver cost effective, quality health care worldwide. Together, the partners of the WHPA include more than 600 national member organisations, making WHPA the key point of global access to health care professionals within the five disciplines.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is a federation of more than 130 national nurses associations (NNAs), representing the more than 16 million nurses worldwide.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is a global federation of 132 national organisations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists representing more than two million pharmacists around the world.

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), the global voice for physical therapists/physiotherapists, has 106 national member organizations representing over 350,000 members of the profession.

FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) is a federation of approximately 200 national dental associations and specialist groups representing more than one million dentists worldwide.

The World Medical Association (WMA) is the global federation of national medical associations from around the world, directly and indirectly representing the views of more than nine million physicians.

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