Towards a Sociology of Health and Healthcare

Ivy L Bourgeault, Cecilia Benoit and Louise Bouchard
We are pleased to introduce this special issue of Healthcare Policy/Politiques de Santé based on papers presented at a recent biennial conference of the bilingual Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health/Societé Canadienne de Sociologie de la Santé.

The Pandemic Subject: Canadian Pandemic Plans and Communicating with the Public about an Influenza Pandemic 

Laena Maunula 

This critical review of two Canadian plans for pandemic planning and infection control finds that public health communication campaign goals rest on a conceptualization of health as an individual/family duty guided by scientific/medical expert knowledge.

Territorial Translation of the National Health and Nutrition Program in Midi-Pyrénées, France 

Jean-Charles Basson, Nadine Haschar-Noé and Ivan Theis
France’s National Health and Nutrition Program identifies physical inactivity as a risk factor for many chronic diseases and encourages people to develop a physically active lifestyle and follow a healthy diet. 


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