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What Do Patients Want? A Critical Look at Healthcare Delivery in Canada

I think it's a fundamental question, and unfortunately it's one that we almost never ask; we never just sit back, take a step back and say: What do patients want and how can we give it to them. And even if we do ask it, we rarely wait to hear the answer, because we don't necessarily want to hear it, depending on our position of power.

I once wrote that doctors allow patients to speak on average for 24 seconds before they interrupt them - that's the kind of science we need to read about. I dare say that many healthcare administrators and policy makers are even more impatient than doctors. I'm not sure they give patients even 24 seconds before interrupting and telling them what they think or what they should think. For more please Click here.

“What Do Patients Want? A Critical Look at Health Care Delivery in Canada.”

André Picard, Award-winning journalist, The Globe and Mail, at Breakfast with the Chiefs, September 2009

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