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Call for Abstracts

Building Effective Primary Care Systems

There is common agreement that effective primary care is a critical component in successful health service systems.  But what does effective primary care look like, and how does it behave? Who needs to be involved? What are the benefits and why? Where are the best examples? How do we improve what we have now in order to move towards an ideal system?  

The editors of Healthcare Quarterly are pleased to launch a new series focused on building effective primary care systems.  We invite readers to submit synopses of proposed papers discussing key themes. Click here for more information.

Submissions should describe the purpose of the paper (e.g., case study, perspective, project summary, brief research report, etc.), primary concepts and issues to be addressed, supporting evidence, and significance and/or implications for the health system. Submissions should be no more than 250 words and must be submitted for review no later than December 4, 2018. Submissions will be reviewed by our panel of editors.  Authors of selected abstracts will receive an invitation to submit a full manuscript for assessment by January 14, 2018.  The deadline for manuscripts will be March 8, 2019. Email for more information.

Call for Abstracts

Quality Improvement Initiatives

The editors of Healthcare Quarterly are pleased to announce a new quarterly series profiling quality improvement initiatives that have demonstrated improvement in the delivery of health services. Click here for more information.

 We are initially looking for a 150-word abstract that provides details on the proposed paper including key messages and potential value to readers. Abstracts may be submitted at any time. Please feel free to contact us if you have comments, questions or suggestions. We look forward to receiving many interesting and important submissions. For more information, and to submit an abstract, please email