Vol. 15 No. 1 2012





Asking the Unaskable – Thinking the Unthinkable

Hugh MacLeod and Steven Lewis


Quarterly Change


Highlights of HealthAchieve 2011


Points of Interest


CHSRF Knowledge Transfer

Re-imagining Healthcare: The Northwest Territories Transitions to an Integrated Chronic Disease Management Strategy

Erin Leith, Christine Kirvan, Jennifer Y. Verma, Kay Lewis and Scott Robertson


CIHI Survey

Cardiac Care Quality Indicators: A New Hospital-Level Quality Improvement Initiative for Cardiac Care in Canada

Vanita Gorzkiewicz, Jeanie Lacroix and Kori Kingsbury


ICES Report

Triage: The Unifying First Step of All Emergency Department Care

Clare L. Atzema



In Conversation with Tom Closson

Ken Tremblay


Performance Measurement

Role of Performance Measurement in a Major Redevelopment Project: The Case of the McGill University Health Centre Transition Support Office    

Alain D. Biron, Michel Vézina, Carole St-Hilaire, Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay and Marie-Claire Richer


Quality Improvement

Hospital on a Page: Standardizing Data Presentation to Drive Quality Improvement    

Michael Heenan, Michelle DiEmanuele, Kathryn Hayward-Murray and Ladan Dadgar


Quality Imrovement

Healthcare Cost Containment and Integration of Care in the United States: Implications at the Local Level    

Ronald J. Lagoe and Shelly A. Littau


Health Human Resources

Work Life and Patient Safety Culture in Canadian Healthcare: Connecting the Quality Dots Using National Accreditation Results    

Jonathan I. Mitchell


Annual Performance Appraisal: One Organization's Process and Retrospective Analysis of Outcomes    

E. Lynne Geddes and Caroline Gill


Primary Care

"I Can't Wait": Advanced Access Decreases Wait Times in Primary Healthcare     

Jennifer Fournier, Roberta Heale and Lori Rietze



Healthcare Cost Drivers: Where Does the Money Go?


Healthcare Quarterly





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