Vol. 20, No. 4, 2018



From the Editors


ICES Report

Walking the Path Together: Indigenous Health Data at ICES

Evelyn Pyper, David Henry, Erika A. Yates, Graham Mecredy, Sujitha Ratnasingham, Brian Slegers and Jennifer D. Walker


CIHI Survey

Opioid-Related Harms in Canada

Vera Grywacheski, Shannon O’Connor and Krista Louie


Engaging Stakeholders

Open Family Presence Adoption: Role of Patient and Family Advisors    

Malori Keller, Jennifer Wright, Serese Selanders and Darlene Dyck


Cancer Care Ontario’s Systematic Symptom Screening Strategy: A Human-Centred Design Approach to Exploring System Gaps and Defining Strategies for the Future    

Sean Molloy, Tom McHugh, Heidi Amernic, Wenonah Mahase, Serena Kurkjian, Robert Grossi, Patricia Pottie, Gillian Hurwitz and Esther Green


Organizational Culture

Success Strategies for Linguistically Competent Healthcare: The Magic Bullets and Cautionary Tales of the Active Offer of French-Language Health Services in Ontario    

Elina Farmanova, Louise Bouchard and Luc Bonneville


The Healthcare Environment: A Perfect Ecosystem for Growing Shame    

Diane Aubin and Sharla King


A Walk in My Shoes: A Mixed-Method Study of the Role of Interprofessional Job Shadowing in Shaping Staff Attitudes at a Large Acute Care Hospital in Canada    

Melinda Piechnik and Linda Dempster


The Cost of Care

Bundling Care for Cardiac Surgery Patients    

Patti Cochrane and Michelle DiEmanuele


Using the Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing Model in the Eye Clinic at The Hospital for Sick Children: A Case Study and Lessons Learned    

Sanchita Gulati, David During, Jeff Mainland and Agnes M.F. Wong


Ensuring Safer Care

Towards a Responsive, Sustainable and Collaborative Model of Care at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital    

Irene Andress, Sharon Navarro, Stephanie Collier, Sarah Coppinger and Priya Herne


Surveillance Software and Prospective Audit and Feedback Rounds Advance Antimicrobial Stewardship at an Acute Care Community Hospital    

Anna Lee, Susan John and Reena Lovinsky


Quality Improvement

A Technology-Enabled Solution to Manage Referrals to Hospice and Palliative Care Beds: The Ottawa SMART System as a Case Study    

José Pereira, Kathy Greene, Lisa Sullivan, Samantha Zinkie (Mendis), Nicole Rutkowski, Peter Lawlor and Pamela Grassau


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