Vol. 21 No. 1 2018


From the Editors

From the Editors


ICES Report

The Mental Health of Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario: Lessons from Administrative Health Data

Yona Lunsky, Robert Balogh, Anna Durbin, Avra Selick, Tiziana Volpe and Elizabeth Lin


CIHI Survey

Seniors in Transition: Exploring Pathways Across the Care Continuum

Kim Nuernberger, Steve Atkinson and Georgina MacDonald


Public Opinions on Pharmacare

Healthcare in Canada: Choices Going Forward    

Terrence Montague, Bonnie Cochrane, Amédé Gogovor, John Aylen, Lesli Martin and Joanna Nemis-White


Patient Relations

Patient Relations Measurement and Reporting to Improve Quality and Safety: Lessons from a Pilot Project    

Patricia Sullivan-Taylor, Rachel Frohlich, Anna Greenberg and Michael Beckett


Caring for Seniors

Using an Evidence-Informed Framework and a Self-Assessment Tool to Drive Priority Setting and Action toward Senior-Friendly Care    

Ada Tsang, Ken Wong, David Ryan, Marlene Awad and Barbara Liu


The Mobility Volunteer Program: Stepping into the Future of Senior Friendly Care     

Jocelyn Denomme, Deborah Brown, Patsy Cho, Jacques Lee, Meaghan Kinlin, Beth O'Leary, Beth Singleton and Barbara Liu


Patient Safety

The Burden of Repeat Prescribing Medications after a Related Adverse Drug Event    

Blayne Welk, Lucie Richard, Jennifer Winick-Ng, Salimah Z. Shariff and Kristin K. Clemens


Ethics Review

Ethics Review of Projects (ERoP): A Conceptual Framework    

Don Flaming, Marie Pinard and Debbie Mallett


Planning for Primary Care

Without Compromising Integrity: Research and Planning Around the Primary Healthcare Landscape in Southwestern Ontario    

Shannon L. Sibbald, Andrew F. Clark, Jamie A. Seabrook and Jason Gilliland


Healthcare Quarterly





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