Vol. 13 No. 1 2010



Peggy Leatt


Points of Interest


Awards and Appointments


Ontario Hospital Association HealthAchieve2009 Reflections


CIHI Survey

Health Indicators 2009: A Focus on Cardiac Care in Canada

Yana Gurevich, Tina LeMay, Dragos Daniel Capan and Jeremy Herring


ICES Report

National Trends in Cardiovascular Care and Outcomes

Jack V. Tu, Cynthia A. Jackevicius, Douglas S. Lee, Linda R. Donovan and Canadian Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Team


Accelerating Excellence Report

Accelerating Excellence in Saskatchewan

Jane Coutts



In Conversation with Mary Jo Haddad

Ken Tremblay


Pandemic Planning

Contextualizing Ethics: Ventilators, H1N1 and Marginalized Populations    

Diego S. Silva, Jason X. Nie, Kate Rossiter, Sachin Sahni and Ross E.G. Upshur



A Wake-Up Call for Healthcare Boards

Maura Davies


Designing Effective Governance for Quality and Safety in Canadian Healthcare        

G. Ross Baker, Jean-Louis Denis, Marie-Pascale Pomey and Anu MacIntosh-Murray


Can Healthcare Boards Really Make a Difference in Quality and Safety?    

Donald R. Carlow


From Boardroom to Bedside: How to Define and Measure Hospital Quality    

Michael Heenan, Haajra Khan and Dorothy Binkley


How to Recruit a High-Performing Hospital Board    

Ron Robertson and Melanie Serjak


Patient Safety

Measuring Cross-Cultural Patient Safety: Identifying Barriers and Developing Performance Indicators     

Roger Walker, Natalie St. Pierre-Hansen, Helen Cromarty, Len Kelly and Bryanne Minty


Implementation of an Enterprise Risk-Management Program in a Community Teaching Hospital     

Genefer Behamdouni and Kathy Millar


Continuing the Journey to a Culture of Patient Safety: From Falls Prevention to Falls Management     

Barbara Tiessen, Cheryl Deter, Anne W. Snowdon and Carol Kolga


Quality Improvement

Changing Physician Practice: An Evaluation of Knowledge Transfer Strategies to Enhance Physician Documentation of Cancer Stage     


Did Ontario's End-of-Life Care Strategy Reduce Acute Care Service Use?: The need to use quality indicators for improvement     

Hsien Seow, Lisa Barbera, Doris Howell and Sydney M. Dy


Effects of an Alternate Payment Plan on Pediatric Surgical Practice in an Academic Setting: The Role of Corporate Indicators    

Juan Bass, Luis Guerra and Baxter Willis


Innovations in Care

Improving the Timeliness of Care for Patients with Acute ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Implications of "Self-Transport" versus Use of EMS     

Mathew Mercuri, James L. Velianou, Michelle Welsford, Leslie Gauthier and Madhu K. Natarajan


Health Human Resources

The Call of the Canadian Physician

Lynda Buske and Melanie Comeau


SAS Health Insight

Overcoming Canada's Healthcare Challenges with Analytics

Brian Shorter


Healthcare Quarterly





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