Vol. 30, No. 1, 2017


From the Editor-in-Chief

Home and Community Care: The Never-Ending Promise

Lynn M. Nagle


Special Focus on Nursing Leadership in Home and Community Care

Nursing Leadership in Home and Community Care: An Introduction

Gail Donner


Leadership Perspective: Bringing Nursing Back to the Future Through People-Powered Care        

Shirlee Sharkey and Nancy Lefebre



Rebuilding the Roots of Patient-Centred Care    

Sally Thorne and Kelli Stajduhar


A Leadership Perspective on a Shared Vision for Healthcare    

Tracy Kitch


Case Study

Integrated Comprehensive Care – A Case Study in Nursing Leadership and System Transformation    

Laura Wheatley, Winnie Doyle, Cheryl Evans, Carolyn Gosse and Kevin Smith


The Authors Respond

Moving Forward – The Journey to People-Powered Care    

Shirlee Sharkey and Nancy Lefebre


Nursing Research

The Role of Nurse Leaders in Advancing Carer Communication Needs across Transitions of Care: A Call to Action    

Sonia A. Udod and Michelle Lobchuk


Nursing Leadership





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