June 2016

Time to rethink healthcare policy for the elderly

November 2014

Canadians want patient online healthcare options

Eight in 10 Canadian adults want online access to their own health information yet fewer than one in 10 currently have it, according to a new study published in HealthcarePapers.

April 2016

Cognitive systems have the potential to dramatically change healthcare in Canada

April 2016

Trudeau government needs to start enforcing Canada Health Act

Extra-billing in Ontario, private MRIs in Saskatchewan and user fees in Quebec: violations of the Canada Health Act are on the rise across the country. Canadian doctors are concerned about ...

March 2016

Why Build Health Leadership Capacity Across Canada?

February 2016

From cost benefit to risk benefit?

February 2016

Comments re: Patients First: A Proposal to Strengthen Patient-Centered Health Care in Ontario – A Discussion Paper

January 2016

More Money for Healthcare is not the Answer

January 2016

Canada needs to better manage health care system’s workforce

November 2015

Palliative Care Versus Assisted Death