December 2016

Emotional Courage: Reversing Gravitational Pulls That Subvert Real System Change

Why it is difficult to have performance improvement changes in healthcare notwithstanding the availability of financial firepower, requisite skills, influence and determination? The answer is a know-do gap ~ the ...

November 2016

Project Management Skills At The Point of Care Can Empower Staff and Drive Change

At any given time in healthcare organizations point of care clinicians are working on quality improvement projects. Project management skills can help immensely.

November 2016

Harnessing Simple Rules for System Thinking in Healthcare Transformation

The author cites three problems when stressing the importance of building innovation on an evidence foundation for health system improvements.

November 2016

Why do we need a National Seniors Strategy? Because it’s 2016

Five million Canadians over 65 now represent 16 per cent of our overall population, but that number is expected to double over the next two decades. Many experts also agree ...

November 2016

The Informal Chat May Not Be Enough

A Chief of Staff is told by a nursing supervisor that one of the senior physicians is making inappropriate comments about the appearance of some of the nurses on his ...

October 2016

Healthcare is 24/7

Like fires, emergencies, and criminal activities, illnesses and injuries occur independently of the clock and calendar. They have to be dealt with 24/7, 365 days a year. Sadly, that fact ...

November 2016

Health Quality in Canada: a cup half full

We would expect Canada, as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with per capita health expenditures among the highest of its peer countries, and cherishing a publicly funded ...

October 2016

A Perfect Storm: Get Ready for a Paradigm Shift in Health Services and Policy Research

There are major forces, worldwide, that are shifting the way in which health systems will operate, how health services will be delivered, and the role that health services and policy ...

October 2016

Directions for Healthcare in Canada – The Next 3 – 5 Years: A Patient / Family / Citizen Perspective

In a more open and transparent health system we would all have a sense of the timelines of developments as important as digital access to our health records. In the ...

November 2016

Let’s unwind the red tape around Canadian cancer data

Access to medical data is an issue for the health system broadly but since Canada has a long history of collecting information through its cancer registries, this is a place ...