Vol. 14 Special Issue 1 | Child Health in Canada


The Editor's Letter

Mary Jo Haddad


Theories And Consequences

Why Social Determinants?

Neal Halfon, Kandyce Larson and Shirley Russ


The Link between Social Inequality and Child Health Outcomes

Avram Denburg and Denis Daneman


Social Geography of Developmental Health in the Early Years

Clyde Hertzman


Social Determinants in Context

Aboriginal Child Health and the Social Determinants: Why Are These Children So Disadvantaged?

Brian Postl, Catherine Cook and Michael Moffatt


Immigrant Health and the Children and Youth of Canada: Are We Doing Enough?

Tony Barozzino


Policy Innovations

Family as a Social Determinant of Health: Implications for Governments and Institutions to Promote the Health and Well-Being of Families

Ted McNeill


Turning the Social Determinants of Health to Our Advantage: Policy Fundamentals for a Better Approach to Children's Health

Adalsteinn D. Brown, Wendy Katherine, Katy Allen, Uyen Quach, Elizabeth Chiu and Lauren Bialystok


Looking Ahead

The Challenge of Child and Youth Mental Health

Mary Jo Haddad and Michael Kirby


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