Vol. 14 Special Issue 2 | Child Health in Canada




The Editor's Letter

Mary Jo Haddad


Where We Are and Where We Need to Be

The State of Child and Youth Mental Health in Canada: Past Problems and Future Fantasies

Simon Davidson


Facing the Challenge of Care for Child and Youth Mental Health in Canada: A Critical Commentary, Five Suggestions for Change and a Call to Action

Stan Kutcher


Facing the System Challenges

Improving Mental Health Outcomes for Children and Youth Exposed to Abuse and Neglect

Ene Underwood


"We Suffer from Being Lost"*: Formulating Policies to Reclaim Youth in Mental Health Transitions

Melissa A. Vloet, Simon Davidson and Mario Cappelli


Reducing Mental Health Stigma: A Case Study

Heather Stuart, Michelle Koller, Romie Christie and Mike Pietrus


Child and Youth Mental Health in the Community

The "Mental" Health of Canada's Indigenous Children and Youth: Finding New Ways Forward

Michael Chandler


Youth Justice and Mental Health in Perspective

Alan W. Leschied


Experience of Emotional Stress and Resilience in Street-Involved Youth: The Need for Early Mental Health Intervention

Elizabeth McCay


Why Worry about Bullying?

Debra J. Pepler, Jennifer German, Wendy Craig and Samantha Yamada


Effectiveness of School-Based Violence Prevention for Children and Youth: A Research Report

Robert G. Santos, Mariette J. Chartier, Jeanne C. Whalen, Dan Chateau and Leanne Boyd


Transforming Child and Youth Mental Health Care via Innovative Technological Solutions

Antonio Pignatiello, Katherine M. Boydell, John Teshima, Tiziana Volpe, Peter G. Braunberger and Debbie Minden


Making a Difference

Faith in the Goodness of People

Gail Donner


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