Vol. 15 Special Issue | Patient Safety Papers



G. Ross Baker



Partners in Patient Safety

Hugh Macleod and Wendy Nicklin


Making Healthcare Safer

The Challenges of Making Care Safer: Leadership and System Transformation

G. Ross Baker


The Culture Of Patient Safety

Reporting, Learning and the Culture of Safety

W. Ward Flemons and Glenn McRae


Teamwork And Communication

Productive Complications: Emergent Ideas in Team Communication and Patient Safety

Lorelei Lingard


Human Factors In Patient Safety

From Discovery to Design: The Evolution of Human Factors in Healthcare

Joseph A. Cafazzo and Olivier St-Cyr


Workplace Redesign

Redesigning the Workplace for 21st Century Healthcare

Patricia O'Connor, Judith Ritchie, Susan Drouin and Christine L. Covell


Managing Healthcare-Acquired Infections

Healthcare-Associated Infections: New Initiatives and Continuing Challenges

Michael Gardam, Paige Reason and Leah Gitterman


Medication Reconciliation

Medication Reconciliation in the Hospital: What, Why, Where, When, Who and How?

Olavo Fernandes and Kaveh G. Shojania


Diagnostic Safety

Perspectives on Diagnostic Failure and Patient Safety

Pat Croskerry


Surgical Checklist

Surgical Safety Checklist: Improved Patient Safety through Effective Teamwork

Chris Hayes


Transitions Of Care

Toward Safer Transitions: How Can We Reduce Post-Discharge Adverse Events?

Irfan A. Dhalla, Tara O'Brien, Francoise Ko and Andreas Laupacis


Safety In The Community

Safety in Home Care: Thinking Outside the Hospital Box

Lynn Stevenson, Ariella Lang, Marilyn Macdonald, Jana Archer and Christina Berlanda


Healthcare Quarterly


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