Vol. 15 Special Issue 4 | Child Health in Canada


The Editor's Letter

Mary Jo Haddad


Investing In The Health Of Children

Prioritizing the Lives of Children

Mary Jo Haddad and Alan Guttmacher


Children's Rights: A Framework for Health Promotion

Kathy Vandergrift and Sue Bennett


From Rose-Coloured Glasses to Reality: Addressing the Family Policy Deficit in Canada

Lynell Anderson


Serving All Children to Catch the Most Vulnerable

Kerry McCuaig


Children And The Built Environment

Levels of Influence in the Built Environment on the Promotion of Healthy Child Development

James R. Dunn


Families, Children And Social Media

Social Media and the Medical Industry: A Whole New Sort of Healthcare Network

Max Valiquette


Investments That Are Paying Off

Best Practice Interventions in Childhood Injury Prevention: A Review of What Works in Developing Successful Strategies

Pamela Fuselli and Amy Wanounou


Childhood Obesity Prevention: Opportunities in Healthcare

Catherine S. Birken, Jonathon Maguire, Brian W. McCrindle, Jill Hamilton and Patricia C. Parkin


Ontario's Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health: Building a Productive, System-Level, Change-Oriented Organization

Charlotte Moore Hepburn and Marilyn Booth


Advancing Family-Centred Care in Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Critical Review of the Literature

Gail MacKean, Wendy Spragins, Laura L'Heureux, Janice Popp, Chris Wilkes and Harold Lipton


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