Vol 17 Special Issue | Stronger Together



Improving Quality and Performance in Ontario’s Cancer Services: Lessons for Constructing a Learning Healthcare System

Terrence Sullivan



Primary Prevention - Recent Developments in Policy and Support

Mary Spayne, Linda Rabeneck, Loraine Marrett and Alice Peter



Successes and Challenges in Population-Based Cancer Screening

Mary Spayne, Linda Rabeneck and Lynn Guerriero


Strategic Analytics

Strategic Analytics: Towards Fully Embedding Evidence in Healthcare Decision-Making

Jason Garay, Rosario Cartagena, Ali Vahit Esensoy, Kiren Handa, Eli Kane, Neal Kaw and Somayeh Sadat


Integrated Care

Integrating Cancer Care Beyond the Hospital and Across the Cancer Pathway: A Patient-Centred Approach

Jenna M Evans, Garth Matheson, Sandy Buchman, Marnie MacKinnon, Elaine Meertens, Jillian Ross and Hardeep Johal


Aboriginal Cancer Strategy

Improving Health Equity for First Nations, Inuit and Métis People: Ontario’s Aboriginal Cancer Strategy II

Alethea Kewayosh, Loraine Marrett, Usman Aslam, Richard Steiner, Margaret Moy Lum-Kwong, Joseph Imre and Abigail Amartey


Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine: CCO’s Vision, Accomplishments and Future Plans

Jennifer Guo, Suzanne Kamel-Reid, Michael Rutherford, Jennifer Hart, Saul Melamed and Aaron Pollett


Improving Chronic Kidney Disease

Implementation of an Agency to Improve Chronic Kidney Disease Care in Ontario: Lessons Learned by the Ontario Renal Network

Graham L Woodward, Alex Iverson, Rebecca Harvey and Peter G Blake


Quality Improvement At The System Level

The Challenge of Quality Improvement at the System Level. Whither CCO?

Adalsteinn Brown


Future Strategy

The Opportunity and Strategy for Quality and Health-System Improvement Now and in the Future

Michael Sherar and Oonagh Maley


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