Vol. 8 Special Issue | Patient Safety Papers


Editorial: Lessons learned and challenges ahead: Canadian experiences in improving patient safety

G. Ross Baker


Perspective: Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Phil Hassan


Perspective: Ontario Hospital Association

Hilary Short


World View


Nurturing a Patient Safety Culture

Patient Safety Culture Measurement and Improvement: A "How To" Guide

Mark Fleming


Changing a Culture with Patient Safety Walkarounds

Guna Budrevics and Catherine O'Neil


How Quality Improvement Projects Influence Organizational Culture

Leona R. Zboril-Benson and Bernice Magee


Patient Safety - Worker Safety: Building a Culture of Safety to Improve Healthcare Worker and Patient Well-Being

Annalee Yassi and Tina Hancock


Identifying and Reducing Risk

Preventing and Managing Conflict: Vital Pieces in the Patient Safety Puzzle

Pam Marshall and Rob Robson


Implementing a Policy for Practitioners Infected with Blood-Borne Pathogens

Virginia Roth and Jim Worthington


Enhancing Patient Safety Through a Standardized Model of Physiologic Monitoring

Mary-Anne Davies and Heather Tales


Medication Safety

An Effective Tool to Enhance a Culture of Patient Safety and Assess the Risks of Medication Use Systems

Julie Greenall, David U and Robert Lam


Approaches to Improving the Safety of the Medication Use System

Stacy Ackroyd-Stolarz, Nicole Hartnell and Neil J. MacKinnon


Drug-Therapy Problems, Inconsistencies and Omissions Identified During a Medication Reconciliation and Seamless Care Service

Ann Nickerson, Neil J. MacKinnon, Nancy Roberts and Lauza Saulnier


Using Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Tool to Review the Process of Ordering and Administrating Potassium Chloride and Potassium Phosphate

Rosmin Esmail, Cheryl Cummings, Deonne Dersch, Greg Duchscherer, Judy Glowa, Gail Liggett, Terrance Hulme and The Patient Safety, Adverse Events Team* Calgary Health Region, Calgary, Alberta and Canada


Inappropriate Prescribing Practices: The Challenge and Opportunity for Patient Safety

Laurel K. Taylor, Yuko Kawasumi, Gillian Bartlett and Robyn Tamblyn


Developing Information for Improving Safety

Safer Care - Measuring to Manage and Improve

Kira Leeb, Jennifer Zelmer, Greg Webster and Indra Pulcins


The Development of the Canadian Paediatric Trigger Tool for Identifying Potential Adverse Events

Anne Matlow, Virginia Flintoft, Elaine Orrbine, Barbara Brady-Fryer, Catherine M. G. Cronin, Cheri Nijssen-Jordan, Mark Fleming, Mary-Ann Hiltz, Michele Lahey, Margaret Zimmerman and G. Ross Baker


The Human Factor: Unexpected Benefits of a CPOE and Electronic Medication Management Implementation at the University Health Network

Howard Abrams and Dafna Carr


Identifying and Preventing Technology-Induced Error Using Simulations: Application of Usability Engineering Techniques

Elizabeth Borycki and Andre Kushniruk


Reports of Preventable Medical Errors from the Alberta Patient Safety Survey 2004

Laura C. Vanderheyden, Herbert C. Northcott, Carol E. Adair, Charlene McBrien-Morrison, Lynn M. Meadows, Peter Norton and John Cowell


Designing an Agenda for Change

From Inquest to Insight

Valdine Berry, Linda Smyrski and Laurie A. Thompson


Patient Safety: Le Groupe Vigilance pour la Sécurité des Soins: A Québec Perspective

Micheline Ste-Marie


Developing a Comprehensive Patient Safety Strategy for an Integrated Canadian Healthcare Region

W. Ward Flemons, Chris J. Eagle and Jack C. Davis


Quality, Patient Safety and the Implementation of Best Evidence: Provinces in the Country of Knowledge Translation

Dave Davis


Building from the Blueprint for Patient Safety at the Hospital for Sick Children

Polly Stevens, Anne Matlow and Ronald Laxer


Disclosure and Accountability

Legal Issues in Patient Safety: The Example of Nosocomial Infection

Tracey M. Bailey and Nola M. Ries


Striking A Balance: Who Is Accountable for Patient Safety?

Edward Etchells, Robert Lester, Bronwen Morgan and Beth Johnson


Trillium Health Centre's Journey to Disclosure

Lisa Droppo


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