Vol. 9 Special Issue | Patient Safety Papers


Editorial: Creating Safer Care

G. Ross Baker


News and Events




Identifying and Reducing Risks

Five Years of Learning from Analysis of Clinical Occurrences in Pediatric Care Using the London Protocol

Catherine M.G. Cronin


Implementing a Good Catch Program in an Integrated Health System

Debbie Barnard, Marilyn Dumkee, Balvir Bains and Brenda Gallivan


The McGill University Health Centre Policy on Sentinel Events: Using a Standardized Framework to Manage Sentinel Events, Facilitate Learning and Improve Patient Safety

Mark Daly


Implementing System Safeguards to Prevent Error-Induced Injury with Opioids (Narcotics)

Margaret Colquhoun, Christine Koczmara and Julie Greenall


Taking Aim at Fall Injury Adverse Events: Best Practices and Organizational Change

Patricia O'Connor, Joann Creager, Sharon Mooney, Andrea Maria Laizner and Judith A. Ritchie


Enhancing Patient Safety through the Management of Clostridium difficile at Toronto East General Hospital

Arladeen Tomiczek, C. Stumpo and James F. Downey


A Multidisciplinary Approach to Reducing Outbreaks and Nosocomial MRSA in a University-Affiliated Hospital

Maryam Salaripour, Pat McKernan, Roslyn Devlin and the Infection Prevention and Control Team


Reporting for Learning and Improvement: The Manitoba and Saskatchewan Experience

Paula Beard and Linda Smyrski


A Framework for Local Accountability for Patient Safety

Rosanne Zimmerman, Emily Christoffersen, Jill Shaver and Teresa Smith


Human Factors and Work Redesign

Human Factors in Action: Getting "Pumped" at a Nursing Usability Laboratory

Edward Etchells, Cynthia Bailey, Ron Biason, Susan DeSousa, Laurie Fowler, Karen Johnson, Catherine Morash and Catherine O'Neill


Transfer of Accountability: Transforming Shift Handover to Enhance Patient Safety

Kim Alvarado, Ruth Lee, Emily Christoffersen, Nancy Fram, Sheryl Boblin, Nancy Poole, Janie Lucas and Shirley Forsyth


Is Your Patient Ready for Transport? Developing an ICU Patient Transport Decision Scorecard

Rosmin Esmail, Deborah Banack, Cheryl Cummings, Judy Duffett-Martin, Jonas Shultz, Teresa Thurber, Karen Rimmer and Terrance Hulme


The Role of Typography in Differentiating Look-Alike/Sound-Alike Drug Names

Sandra Gabriele


Involving Patients and Families

Patient Safety in a Pediatric Centre: Partnering with Families

Bonnie Fleming-Carroll, Anne Matlow, Siobhan Dooley, Valerie McDonald, Kimberley Meighan and Kim Streitenberger


"Your Health Care - Be Involved": The Evaluation of a Provincial Patient Safety Tips Initiative

Sudha Kutty and Sarena Weil


Using Information to Improve Safety

Cancer Care Ontario's Computerized Physician Order Entry System: A Province-wide Patient Safety Innovation

Anna Greenberg, Sarah Kramer, Vickie Welch, Emily O'Sullivan and Stephen Hall


Predicting Changes in Workflow Resulting from Healthcare Information Systems: Ensuring the Safety of Healthcare

Andre Kushniruk, Elizabeth Borycki, Shige Kuwata and Joseph Kannry


Frequency and Type of Medication Discrepancies in One Tertiary Care Hospital

Jennifer Turple, Neil J. MacKinnon and Bryan Davis


Identifying Patient Safety Risks in Non-Acute Care Settings

Broadening the Patient Safety Agenda to Include Home Care Services

Ariella Lang, Nancy Edwards, Carolyn Hoffman, Judith Shamian, Kathleen Benjamin and Marguerite Rowe


Adverse Events among Winnipeg Home Care Clients

Keir G. Johnson


Exploration of Patient Safety Phenomena in Rehabilitation and Complex Continuing Care

Carol Fancott, Karima Velji, Elaine Aimone and Lynne Sinclair


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