Vol. 11 Special Issue | Patient Safety Papers



G. Ross Baker




Creating a Patient Safety Culture

Patient Safety Culture Improvement Tool: Development and Guidelines for Use

Mark Fleming and Natasha Wentzell


An Evaluation of Patient Safety Leadership Walkarounds

Rosanne Zimmerman, Ivan Ip, Charlotte Daniels, Teresa Smith and Jill Shaver


Broadening the Patient Safety Agenda

Implementation of a Safety Framework in a Rehabilitation Hospital

Gaétan Tardif, Elaine Aimone, Carol Boettcher, Carol Fancott, Angie Andreoli and Karima Velji


Developing a Patient Safety Plan

Rosanne Zimmerman, Ivan Ip, Emily Christoffersen and Jill Shaver


Broadening the Patient Safety Agenda to Include Safety in Long-Term Care

Tiana B. Rust, Laura M. Wagner, Carolyn Hoffman, Marguerite Rowe and Iris Neumann


Nursing Education: A Catalyst for the Patient Safety Movement

Kim Neudorf, Netha Dyck, Darlene Scott and Diana Davidson Dick


Medication Safety

Using ISMP Canada's Framework for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis: A Tale of Two FMEAs

Tim Nickerson, Margie Jenkins and Julie Greenall


Development of Canadian Safety Indicators for Medication Use

Rita Nigam, Neil J. MacKinnon, David U, Nicole R. Hartnell, Adrian R. Levy, Mary Ellen Gurnham and Tiffany T. Nguyen


Medication Safety in the Operating Room: Teaming Up to Improve Patient Safety

Rozina Merali, Beverley A. Orser, Alexandra Leeksma, Shirley Lingard, Susan Belo and Sylvia Hyland


Survey of Nursing Perceptions of Medication Administration Practices, Perceived Sources of Errors and Reporting Behaviours

Markirit Armutlu, Mary-Lou Foley, Judy Surette, Éric Belzile and Jane McCusker


Teamwork and Communication

Communication and Relationship Skills for Rapid Response Teams at Hamilton Health Sciences

Karen Cziraki, Janie Lucas, Toni Rogers, Laura Page, Rosanne Zimmerman, Lois Ann Hauer, Charlotte Daniels and Susan Gregoroff


Effectiveness of an Adapted SBAR Communication Tool for a Rehabilitation Setting

Karima Velji, G. Ross Baker, Carol Fancott, Angie Andreoli, Nancy Boaro, Gaétan Tardif, Elaine Aimone and Lynne Sinclair


Communities of Practice: Creating Opportunities to Enhance Quality of Care and Safe Practices

Debbie White, Esther Suter, I. John Parboosingh and Elizabeth Taylor


Involving Patients and Families

Giving Back the Pen: Disclosure, Apology and Early Compensation Discussions after Harm in the Healthcare Setting

Rob Robson and Elaine Pelletier


"It's Safe to Ask": Promoting Patient Safety through Health Literacy

Jan Byrd and Laurie Thompson


Canadian Patient Safety Champions: Collaborating on Improving Patient Safety

Katharina Kovacs Burns


Improving Care at the Front Lines

Improving Patient Safety through a Multi-faceted Internal Surveillance Program

Anne Matlow, Polly Stevens, Lynn Urmson and Rick Wray


Safe Medication Swallowing in Dysphagia: A Collaborative Improvement Project

Lawrence D. Jackson, Jane Little, Edward Kung, Evelyn M. Williams, Krystyna Siemiatkowska and Suzanne Plowman


An Intervention Program to Reduce Falls for Adult In-Patients Following Major Lower Limb Amputation

David Dyer, Bonnie Bouman, Monique Davey and Kathleen P. Ismond


Using Human Factors Methods to Evaluate the Labelling of Injectable Drugs

Kathryn Momtahan, Catherine M. Burns, Sylvia Hyland, Jennifer Jeon and Sandra Gabriele


Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in the Calgary Health Region: A Canadian Success Story!

Rosmin Esmail, Greg Duchscherer, Jennifer Giesbrecht, Jennifer King, Pamela Ritchie and Dan Zuege - for the Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Team*


An Evaluation of a Fall Management Program in a Personal Care Home Population

Elaine M.J. Burland


Practice Changes to Improve Delivery of Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Rosemary Zvonar, Pam Bush and Virginia Roth


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