Vol. 10 No. 4, 2015



The Difference a Decade Makes

Jennifer Zelmer


Discussion and Debate

Supporting the Use of Health Technology Assessments by Decision-Makers        

Julie Polisena, John N. Lavis, Don Juzwishin, Pam McLean-Veysey, Ian D. Graham, Christa Harstall and Janet Martin


Regulating Direct-to-Consumer Drug Information: A Case Study of Eli Lilly’s Canadian 40over40 Erectile Dysfunction Campaign        

Jean-Christophe Bélisle Pipon and Bryn Williams-Jones


Research Paper

A National Approach to Reimbursement Decision-Making on Drugs for Rare Diseases in Canada? Insights from Across the Ponds        

Hilary Short, Tania Stafinski and Devidas Menon


Estimating Nursing Wage Bill in Canada and Breaking Down the Growth Rate: 2000 to 2010        

Ruolz Ariste and Ali Béjaoui


The Impact of Private Insurance Coverage on Prescription Drug Use in Ontario, Canada        

Jillian Kratzer, Lucy Cheng, Sara Allin and Michael R. Law


Healthcare Policy





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