Vol. 13 Special Issue | Patient Safety Papers



G. Ross Baker



Hugh MacLeod, John G. Abbott and Wendy Nicklin


Developing Information to Improve Safety

Assessing and Responding in Real Time to Online Anti-vaccine Sentiment during a Flu Pandemic

Neil Seeman, Alton Ing and Carlos Rizo


Community Pharmacy Incident Reporting: A New Tool for Community Pharmacies in Canada

Certina Ho, Patricia Hung, Gary Lee and Medina Kadija


Identification of Medication Safety Indicators in Acute Care Settings for Public Reporting in Ontario

Roger Cheng, Lindsay Yoo, Certina Ho and Medina Kadija


National Analysis of Sepsis Hospitalizations and Factors Contributing to Sepsis In-Hospital Mortality in Canada

Liudmila Husak, Annette Marcuzzi, Jeremy Herring, Eugene Wen, Ling Yin, Dragos Daniel Capan and Geta Cernat


Implementing Safety Solutions

Skin and Wound Care Excellence: Integrating Best-Practice Evidence

Karyn Popovich, Paula Tohm and Theresa Hurd


Methods to Assess the Safety of Health Information Systems

Elizabeth Borycki and Elizabeth Keay


Increasing the Safety of Healthcare Information Systems through Improved Procurement: Toward a Framework for Selection of Safe Healthcare Systems

Andre Kushniruk, Marie-Catherine Beuscart-Zéphir, Alexis Grzes, Elizabeth Borycki, Ludivine Watbled and Joseph Kannry


Challenges of Hand Hygiene in Healthcare: The Development of a Tool Kit to Create Supportive Processes and Environments

Anjum Chagpar, Carleene Banez, Raquel Lopez and Joseph A. Cafazzo


Case Study of Physician Leaders in Quality and Patient Safety, and the Development of a Physician Leadership Network

Chris Hayes, Vandad Yousefi, Tamara Wallington and Amir Ginzburg


Transforming Local Learning into Safer Care

Building Safer Systems through Critical Occurrence Reviews: Nine Years of Learning

Polly Stevens, Lynn Urmson, Janice Campbell and Rita Damignani


Aiming for Zero Preventable Deaths: Using Death Review to Improve Care and Reduce Harm

Rosanne Zimmerman, Sharon Pierson, Richard McLean, Sue Anne McAlpine, Carole Caron, Beth Morris and Janie Lucas


Teamwork And Communication

Enhancing Patient Safety through Undergraduate Inter-professional Health Education

Anne Kearney, Tanis Adey, Mary Bursey, Lynn Cooze, Carla Dillon, Juanita Barrett, Pam King-Jesso and Patricia McCarthy


Using SBAR to Communicate Falls Risk and Management in Inter-professional Rehabilitation Teams

Angie Andreoli, Carol Fancott, Karima Velji, G. Ross Baker, Sherra Solway, Elaine Aimone and Gaétan Tardif


Optimizing Physician Handover Through the Creation of a Comprehensive Minimum Data Set

Niraj K. Mistry, Alene Toulany, John F. Edmonds and Anne Matlow


Patient Safety Culture

Assessment of Safety Culture Maturity in a Hospital Setting

Madelyn P. Law, Rosanne Zimmerman, G. Ross Baker and Teresa Smith


Healthcare Culture and the Challenge of Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections

Michael Gardam, Paige Reason and Liz Rykert


Dimensions of Patient Safety Culture in Family Practice

Luz Palacios-Derflingher, Maeve O'Beirne, Pam D. Sterling, Karen Zwicker, Brianne K. Harding and Ann Casebeer


Healthcare Quarterly


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