Vol. 23 Special Issue May 2010


From the Editor-in-Chief

Lynn M. Nagle


The Demonstration Projects: Creating the Capacity for Nursing Health Human Resource Planning in Ontario's Healthcare Organizations

Vanessa Burkoski and Joshua Tepper


The Demonstration Projects: Papers

The Ontario Nursing Workload Demonstration Projects: Rethinking How We Measure, Cost and Plan the Work of Nurses

Mary Ferguson-Paré and Annabelle Bandurchin


Development and Evaluation of an RN/RPN Utilization Toolkit

Margaret Blastorah, Kim Alvarado, Lenora Duhn, Frances Flint, Petrina McGrath and Susan VanDeVelde-Coke


The Nursing Human Resource Planning Best Practice Toolkit: Creating a Best Practice Resource for Nursing Managers

Leslie Vincent and Mary Agnes Beduz


The ALIVE Program: Developing a Web-Based Professional Development Program for Nursing Leaders in the Home Healthcare Sector

Sara Lankshear, Sherri Huckstep, Nancy Lefebre, Janis Leiterman and Deborah Simon


Advancing Nursing Leadership in Long-Term Care

Jennifer O'Brien, Margaret Ringland and Susan Wilson


Collaboration to Change the Landscape of Nursing: A Journey between Urban and Remote Practice Settings

Mary Ferguson-Paré, Claire Mallette, Baiba Zarins, Susan McLeod and Kelly Reuben


Growing Practice Specialists in Mental Health: Addressing Stigma and Recruitment with a Nursing Residency Program

San Ng, Linda Kessler, Rani Srivastava, Janice Dusek, Deborah Duncan, Margaret Tansey and Lianne Jeffs


Developing an Orientation Toolkit for New Public Health Nurse Hires for Ontario's Changing Landscape of Public Health Practice

Jane Simpson, Susan Kniahnicki and Karen Quigley-Hobbs


The Demonstration Projects: Summaries

Utilizing a Best Practice Staffing Framework to Promote Interprofessional Collaborative Practice at the Niagara Health System

Donna Rothwell, Annabelle Watson and Sue Payeur-Grenier


Workforce Demand Forecaster Tool: Health Human Resources' Recruitment Crystal Ball?

Kaiyan Fu, Susan Allen and Ella Ferris


Collaborative Health Human Resource Planning: A Retention and Recruitment Initiative – Full time, Shared and Unionized Positions

Betty Christie


Internationally Educated Nurses: Building Capacity for Clinical/Nurse Managers

Heather Hoxby, Verla Fortier, Nancy Brown, Gail Yardy and Jennifer Blythe


A Collaborative Approach in the Waterloo Region Supporting Health Human Resources Planning

Paris Jalali, Sherry Frizzell, Sandra Hett, Diane Wilkinson, Judy Shearer, Michelle Bott, Terrie Dean, Bea Mudge and Barb Wahl


Christie Gardens Apartments and Care Inc. and the Ontario Long Term Care Association: Long Term Care Recruitment and Retention Project

Nancy Cooper


Innovative Approaches to Staffing and Scheduling

Katherine Moreau, Hilary Maxwell, Christopher Sorfleet, Jacqueline Ellis, Judy Rashotte, Betty Winsor-Stallan, Christine Ferguson, Anne Mantha and Pat Elliott-Miller


Investing in Tomorrow's Nursing Leaders: The Top 30 Rising Stars Project

Nancy Lefebre, Maureen Cava and Jane Mosley


Rural Routes: Recruitment and Retention in Rural Areas for Health Human Resources

Julie Rivers, Amy Hallaran, Bree Ricketts, LouAnne Melbourne, Grace Zwartz and Earl Hough


Nursing Leadership


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