Vol. 11 Special Issue | Mental Health in the Workplace


Notes from the Guest Editor

Carolyn S. Dewa


Psychosocial and Biological Indicators in the Evaluation of and Intervention in Mental Health Problems at Work

Alain Marchand and Pierre Durand


Law, Public Policy and Mental Health in the Workplace

Katherine Lippel


Workplace Design Contributions to Mental Health and Well-Being

Jennifer A. Veitch


Intervention Study on Psychosocial Work Factors and Mental Health and Musculoskeletal Outcomes

Mahée Gilbert-Ouimet, Chantal Brisson, Michel Vézina, Louis Trudel, Renée Bourbonnais, Benoît Masse, Geneviève Baril-Gingras and Clermont E. Dionne


Intervention Research on Working Conditions and Mental Health: Persistent Challenges, New Directions and Opportunities to Integrate Research Agendas

Peter Smith, Amber Bielecky and John Frank


Advancing Research on Mental Health in the Workplace

Erica Di Ruggiero and Zena Sharman


The Business Case: Collaborating to Help Employees Maintain Their Mental Well-Being

Sari Sairanen, Deanna Matzanke and Doug Smeall


Opportunities Abound to Improve Mental Health and Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Ian M.F. Arnold, Gillian Mulvale, Kathy GermAnn and MaryAnn Baynton


Welcome to Our World

Rick Green








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