August 2013

The Association between Health Information Technology Adoption and Family Physicians’ Practice Patterns in Canada: Evidence from 2007 and 2010 National Physician Surveys     

June 2013

Rapid Dissemination of a Critical Care Protocol Using Basic Information Technology Prior to a Rave     

June 2013

Drug Information Systems: Evolution of Benefits with System Maturity     

April 2013

Social Media in Healthcare: It's So Five Years Ago?     

April 2013

Integrated Care, Information Management and Information Technology in Canada: Have We Made Any Progress in the Past 12 Years?     

September 2012

Access to Test Results "The Number One Reason" Why Patients Use a Portal according to Sunnybrook MyChart™ Users     

September 2012

A Model for Measuring Industry-Wide Adoption and Capability of Healthcare Analytics and Data Warehousing in the USA

September 2012

Assessing Primary Care Physicians' Attitudes toward Adoption of an Electronic Tool to Support Cancer Diagnosis: An Exploratory Study     

July 2012

Transforming Healthcare through Better Use of Data: A Canadian Context

The authors postulate that in an increasingly competitive environment, hospitals and health systems in the US that will be able to leverage their data to improve patient care, drive innovation ...

June 2012

Transforming Healthcare through Better Use of Data*

Hospitals and health systems have more reasons — and more incentives — than ever to become data-driven. Increasingly they are being expected to take on more responsibility for improving the ...


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