June 2014

CPOE with Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support Improves Patient Outcomes: The Journey to Date for a Canadian Hospital     

It has been argued that information technology can reduce the rate of preventable healthcare errors. After a review of the literature, the leadership of a large Canadian hospital was convinced ...

May 2014

Evaluation of a Shared Electronic Health Record     

The authors evaluated a web-based, view-only electronic health record (EHR) system implemented to support information sharing across organizational boundaries and disparate clinical information systems.

February 2014

Evaluating the Adoption of E-prescribing in Primary Care     

The authors found that recruited physicians are using most of the e-prescribing and EMR features available. However, there are several gaps between the ideal, possible and current states of e-prescribing.

November 2013

Emerging Leaders and Informatics     

The commentator discusses emerging leaders and technology from the perspective of an educator and researcher in the field of nursing and health informatics.

November 2013

Assessing the Feasibility of Extracting Clinical Information to Create Quality Indicators from Primary Healthcare Practice EMRs     

The authors explored the feasibility of extracting the electronic medical record (EMR) data required to create primary healthcare quality improvement measures.

August 2013

The Association between Health Information Technology Adoption and Family Physicians’ Practice Patterns in Canada: Evidence from 2007 and 2010 National Physician Surveys     

June 2013

Rapid Dissemination of a Critical Care Protocol Using Basic Information Technology Prior to a Rave     

June 2013

Drug Information Systems: Evolution of Benefits with System Maturity     

April 2013

Social Media in Healthcare: It's So Five Years Ago?     

April 2013

Integrated Care, Information Management and Information Technology in Canada: Have We Made Any Progress in the Past 12 Years?     


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