April 2016

Canadians Want Patient Online Healthcare Options

Eight in 10 Canadian adults want online access to their own health information yet fewer than one in 10 currently have it, according to a new study published in HealthcarePapers.

April 2016

Patients Online: Whither from Here?

The authors discuss the valuable perspectives raised by the commentators about consumer health solutions, an area that is evolving quickly and has the potential to fundamentally change how several types ...

April 2016

Book Review: The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Healthcare

If you havenít yet read this game-changing book, grab your tablet and download it now. This is the most important healthcare book since Clayton Christensenís Innovatorís Prescription.

April 2016

Influencing Change: Preparing the Next Generation of Clinicians to Practice in the Digital Age

The ways in which people seek and manage their healthcare are undergoing profound technological change. It is essential that the next generation of care providers are prepared to practice ...

February 2016

HIMSS EMR Adoption Model Letter, April 17, 2011

We must advance EMR adoption in a way that provides our physicians, other clinicians, managers, funders and patients with new insights into the care delivered. In order to practice high ...

February 2016

Understanding the Gap between Desire for and Use of Consumer Health Solutions         

In this article, the authors discuss the current landscape of consumer health solutions in Canada, enablers and barriers to their adoption and our readiness for change.

December 2015

Consumer E-Health Solutions: The Cure for Baumolís Disease?

The idea of consumer e-health solutions is seductive,†because†it provides one option for treating Baumolís disease. In this introduction, the author describes four shifts that are critical to reaping the benefits ...

December 2015

Former Infoway Boss Frustrated by Slow Implementation of Healthcare IT

Richard Alvarez, former President and CEO of Canada Health Infoway, says slow pace of change among low-lights of his 10-years on the job.

December 2015

Informatics and Quality Improvement/Assurance

Ideally, clinical information systems should provide a method to collect data as a by-product of care, verify them if necessary, and then reuse these data for decision support, administrative purposes ...

October 2015

Why Not Just Any Nurse Can Be a Nurse Informatician

Nurse leaders will need to immerse themselves in acquiring the knowledge required to thoroughly evaluate and understand the technical innovations brought to them by vendors of information technology.


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