December 2015

Informatics and Quality Improvement/Assurance

Ideally, clinical information systems should provide a method to collect data as a by-product of care, verify them if necessary, and then reuse these data for decision support, administrative purposes ...

October 2015

Why Not Just Any Nurse Can Be a Nurse Informatician

Nurse leaders will need to immerse themselves in acquiring the knowledge required to thoroughly evaluate and understand the technical innovations brought to them by vendors of information technology.

October 2013

Innovation in Transformative Nursing Leadership: Nursing Informatics Competencies and Roles

The authors of this paper propose that distinct nursing informatics competencies are required to augment traditional executive skills to support transformational outcomes of safe, integrated, high-quality care delivery through knowledge-driven ...

October 2013

Increasing the Safety of Healthcare Information Systems through Improved Procurement: Toward a Framework for Selection of Safe Healthcare Systems

It is argued that technology-organization fit and consideration of the potential for technology-induced error should be important selection criteria in the procurement process. Here, implications are discussed for the development ...

August 2015

Infoway's Second Decade: Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way – Part One

Digitising health records has been a policy priority for provinces, the federal government, and governments around the world since the late 90’s. It is a given in policy circles ...

August 2015

Infoway's Second Decade: Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way – Part Two

Infoway and the Health IT industry in Canada have moved through Stage One successfully and are now in Stage Two — the stabilizing and strengthening stage. The fast pace of ...

August 2015

Turning the Good Ship Infoway

Canada Health Infoway is ten years old and has had a successful first decade. This essay is an attempt to track the progress and to highlight challenges to come.

June 2015

"The Saudi Healthcare System: A View from the Minaret": More Similarities than Differences

This article reminds us that healthcare systems around the world are in a state of tremendous change and evolution.

June 2015

The Saudi Healthcare System: A View from the Minaret

All Ministry of Health–owned hospitals will be divested to the private sector, whereas primary health centres are likely to be retained by the government.

June 2015

Opportunities to Improve Diabetes Prevention and Care in Canada

The prevalence of diabetes in Canada is expected to more than double by 2030. Additionally, the costs associated with diabetes have nearly doubled between 2000 and 2010 and will continue ...


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