The Leadership We Need for 2012 and Beyond…
In recent dialogues on the future of nursing in Canada, some of the following topics have been the focus of discussion:

• Developing leadership competencies for the future
• New leadership roles
• Leadership amid the millennial generation
• Inspiring a passion for leadership
• Ensuring nursing leadership at government and health policy tables

The Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership is interested in papers that offer discourse and evidence related to some of these current issues and challenges facing the nursing profession in Canada today. Additionally, the editors welcome papers that proffer opinion and commentary, strategies, direction or solutions, lessons learned and case illustrations from Canada and elsewhere. On the basis of a review of the abstracts received, authors will be invited to submit full manuscripts for future publication.

Authors are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 500 words, doubled-spaced in 12-point font. Please use the following template as a guide for submissions:

• Title
• Author(s)
• Purpose
• Key discussion points
• Conclusions/Recommendations
• Indicate type of submission:
• Research
• Policy
• Innovation
• Case study
• Opinion paper
• Offer suggestions for invited commentary, if appropriate


For submissions please contact Dianne Foster-Kent (
To download a Word version of the submission guidelines, please click here.