Congratulations to the 2019 Recipient of the Ted Freedman Award: the Collaborative Mentoring Networks (CMN) presented by the Ontario College of Family Physicians. This is a continuing professional development initiative that addresses clinical and practice challenges that Ontario's family physicians have identified as being overwhelming to them.

In 2000, Ted Freedman was the surprised honoree of an annual award launched by Healthcare Quarterly in cooperation with Agilent Technologies.

Mr. Freedman was not only president and CEO of Mount Sinai Hospital, he was also an associate professor in the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Health Administration at the University of Toronto. He is a former chair of the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration, Bridgepoint Health, The Change Foundation and the Ontario Health Research Alliance and vice chair of Mount Sinai Hospital and Saint Elizabeth Health Care, all organizations committed to research and education.

Dr. Arun Radhakrishnan and Matthew Hart, Publisher & CEO, Longwoods Publishing Inc.

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Dr. Arun Radhakrishnan and Frank Markel, Executive Director, CAHSPR

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The award recognizes those people who inspire, advocate and enable education in healthcare.

The 2019 winning team is headed up by Dr. Arun Radhakrishnan, Dr. Sarah Newbery, Dr. Jon Hunter, Dr. George Kim, Dr. James Downar and Dr. Britta Laslo.

Congratulations to everyone.