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Longwoods™ publishes healthcare research, reports, reviews, commentaries and news from and for academics, scientists, clinicians, policymakers, administrators and pundits.

Our vision. Longwoods is a dependable and trusted knowledge centre. Ideas, inventions and practices are introduced, debated, translated, and widely distributed for the benefit of better care and better health. Everywhere.

Our mission is to enable excellence in enabling wellness and providing care. We serve people and communities through their providers of health policies, services, products and care. Leaders in healthcare management, practice, education, research and product development will find Longwoods™ a fundamental resource for innovations, knowledge and learning.

Publishing is our focus. We produce and distribute policy reviews, best practices and essential information for readers in healthcare management, practice, education, research and product development. This includes a portfolio of print, voice, video and electronic media served to readers from our portal - Longwoods.com.

Education programs are undertaken in collaboration with academic health services organizations, universities, corporations and linked associations. Education includes conferences, seminars and electronic learning.

Awards are produced in recognition of achievements in education, practices and leadership.

Recruitment facilities focus on leadership services across the healthcare spectrum.

Oversight is provided by editorial boards made up of individuals selected for their expertise in healthcare management, practice, education, research and product development. Members come from Europe, Mexico, Australia, the United States of America and Canada. These boards advise our editors who in turn are experts affiliated with major universities in Canada and the United States.

Strategic Objectives
Knowledge Translation: To promote exchanges between researchers, health professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders that yield innovative and effective healthcare ideas, policies and practices.

Capacity Building: To increase interdisciplinary capacity among researchers, policy makers, professionals, and corporate and institutional leaders.

Networking: To create national and international partnerships across sectors to translate research, build capacity and generate ideas to advance good care and good policy.

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