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Healthcare Quarterly, in association with Longwoods Publishing, brings you this microsite to highlight important topics facing healthcare leaders today. Periodically, this site will feature new content from Healthcare Quarterly,, and other editor-selected information sources. All content on this page is presented free of charge by Cancer Care Ontario.

Editorial: Ontario's Wait Time Information System: Learning from Success (PDF)

The Times They Are A-Changing: What Worked and What We Learned in Deploying Ontario's Wait Time Information System (PDF)

Developing an Effective IM/IT Strategy (PDF)

Commentary: Waiting for the Referee or Refereeing the Wait? - CCO's Role in Hosting and Deploying the Wait Time Information System in Ontario (PDF)

Achieving Accountability (PDF)

Questions & Answers: Sustaining Accountability (PDF)

Taking it to the Streets: Delivering on Deployment (PDF)

Questions & Answers: Words from the Street: Delivering on a Provincial Mandate at the Local Level (PDF)

Building a Sustainable System: The Making of the WTIS (PDF)

Questions & Answers: Lessons Learned for Local Solutions (PDF)

An Integrated Approach to Stakeholder Engagement (PDF)

Commentary: Stakeholder Engagement: Thoughts from a Clinician (PDF)

Turning Data into Meaningful Information (PDF)

Commentary: Clinical Engagement for Performance Improvements (PDF)

Transitioning Initial Success into Sustainable Results: The Future of the WTIS (PDF)

Commentary: With a View Toward the Future (PDF)

White Paper: The Linked Person Record: Managing the Cancer System through Data Integration (PDF)

White Paper: Investing in Health IT: A Stimulus for a Healthier Canada (PDF)



Cancer Care Ontario White Papers and Case Studies

Collaborative Projects Standards and Evidence-based Series (EBS)

The Collaborative Projects produce Standards, Evidence-based Series, and Special Reports, developed by Expert Panels or Working Groups that are convened by Cancer Care Ontario. The groups work together with the Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC) to gather and examine evidence on specific topics relevant to providing quality cancer care in Ontario.

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the Treatment and Prevention of Radionecrosis and Other Radiation-Induced Injuries in Cancer Patients (PDF)
  2. Organizational Standards for Diagnostic Assessment Programs (PDF)
  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Screening of Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer (PDF)


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