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Over a long weekend I often pick up a newspaper from London, Calgary, St. John’s, Amsterdam or somewhere else. It provides insight I find interesting and often tweet (see @elongwoods). From time to time I will draw your attention to some of the news and stories that matter and come from independent sources.

From the Foreign Press

This weekend’s newspaper choice at my local corner store was limited so I picked up the Wall Street Journal — expecting commentary about pharma or government spending on healthcare or something on publishing – a sector undergoing its own upheaval. Surprise. On the front page I do find a healthcare story: As World’s Kids Get Fatter, Doctors Turn to the Knife

The story focuses on Saudi Arabia where the obesity rate is 35.2% and bariatric surgeries in 2012 numbered 11,000. This is a window on obesity — a global issue of sad proportions. The author presents the problematic scenario of a local surgeon who will operate on a three year old to remove part of his stomach — a drastic but often applied response reserved for older patients. Individuals or organizations in Canada can learn more about obesity from the information and conferences found on www.con.ca — a free website published by the Canadian Obesity Network under the direction of Dr. Arya Sharma. It’s an organization of some 10,000 members, including student chapters that can be found across the country. I’m honoured to be a part of it.

From the publisher’s desk
Sometime ago we decided to transfer our video presentations from one network to YouTube. What a difference a medium makes. Good decision. It turns out that moving a one hour video from one site to another is time consuming; the improved quality is worth it. You can find us here: http://www.longwoods.com/audio-video

Half of our presentations are on YouTube now and another other half will be. Shortly. Each one hour presentation represents a valuable learning series coming from the likes of Ross Baker, Dr. Penny Ballem, George Smitherman, Dr. Alan Hudson and the notorious Dr. Arthur Porter.

With Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care now on “unofficial” election footing you may want to hear what her vision was two years ago. Find it here. She begins by promising not to tell us about her plans as they were to be officially released at noon that day. And then proceeds to do so anyway – unofficially:  an excellent perspective and background brief.

Anton Hart
February 18, 2014

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