September 2017

Bicycling on Sidewalks

As a general rule of thumb, itís not a good idea to encourage bicycling on sidewalks. There are, of course, the occasional exceptions. This document will review the crash data, ...

July 2017

Strong Foundations: Tackling Healthcareís Failure to Communicate

Canadaís healthcare journey needs to move beyond incremental improvements. Todayís urgent agenda is about creatin an environment of integrated healthcare that fully engages the patient as a partner in the ...

June 2017

The Secret to Innovation: Harnessing the Power of a Village

Canada has access to the best resources and top global experts who are inventing new ways to solve the worldís biggest problems. But to tackle some of our greatest healthcare ...

May 2017

Tell Me Again, and Again

Two important questions are on the minds of many Canadians. Will I continue to enjoy reasonably good health? Will I have enough money to live on until I donít need ...

May 2017

Charter Martyr: Why Carolyn Stromís Fate Matters to Healthcare

Canadian healthcare is an expensive morass of mediocrity, especially in the care of the elderly. It is the right and, some would argue, the duty of healthcare workers to call ...

May 2017

The March for Science: Should Health Leaders Stay Out of Politics?

Advocacy is one duty of health leaders, and in this case, leaders must advocate for a society that values science and objectivity. Science is what gives us the highly sought ...

April 2017

Unified Primary Care Engagement: Is It Time?

In the past 15 years, primary care in Ontario and across Canada has experienced both growth and increased prominence in our health system. Today, well-functioning primary care is widely regarded ...

April 2017

Donít be afraid to ask

As someone with years of experience working in the healthcare system, yet who has limited experience as a patient, I am only now beginning to understand what itís like ...

March 2017

Budget 2017 : Response From an Aging Population

Healthcare is the most relevant and pressing issue for seniors. Seniors were mentioned 20 times in this budget; much less than other societal groups like women, children, First Nations and ...

March 2017

What I Learned from my Personal Board of Directors

This essay outlines three simple concepts for emerging leaders to maximize their everyday interactions in order to propel their professional and personal development forward.