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The rate of tertiary education attainment in Canada has increased by 11 percentage points since 2000, with 51% of its adult population holding a tertiary qualification in 2011, the highest rate among OECD countries. By comparsion, the average for the OECD countries was 32% in 2011.

Whereas in 2000, men were more likely than women to hold a tertiary degree in many OECD

countries, the opposite was true in 2011, by which time more women than men had completed tertiary education. Canada is one of the seven OECD countries where tertiary attainment rates for women are higher than those for men by at least 10 percentage points, with 56% of women holding a tertiary qualification compared with 46% of men. The results for both men and women in Canada show gains compared to 2000; women were also more likely than men to hold a tertiary degree in 2000.

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