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Digital health leaders from around the world are coming together with a common goal of advancing digital health at the annual Infoway Partnership Conference November 14 and 15.  Participants will gather in Calgary to join this forum for knowledge exchange, debate and discussion.

In the past, the conference emphasized modernizing the health care system by moving from paper to digital as the medium to record and exchange patient information.  Today, interoperable systems that securely store and may communicate data (lab test results, digital images, and medication history), among health care providers are widely in use.

As more and more Canadians become digital health users, privacy and security remains a priority.

Patients and caregivers play a crucial role in improving patient outcomes themselves, and they are at the centre of the next wave of digital health innovation in Canada.

This year’s Infoway Partnership Conference has been designed to align with the next wave of the digital health journey, with themes that include the ability for all Canadians to access and manage health records digitally, in addition to interoperability (the ability for systems to exchange information securely).

“Participants at the 2017 Infoway Partnership Conference will have the chance to examine ongoing digitally-enabled advances to our health care system,” said Lynne Zucker, Vice-President at Infoway.  “We expect a healthy amount of debate and discussion, a look at emerging digital health solutions that are transforming the health care experience for Canadians, and sessions with health care leaders providing unique perspectives on universal challenges such as security.”

Kevin Magee is a global security strategist who specializes in cyber risk governance and has served as a director on a number of private and public sector boards.  He will participate in a panel discussion addressing data governance, privacy and cybersecurity in healthcare.

“Today, your most valuable and vulnerable assets are fully digital,” he said. “I want attendees to ask themselves how confident they would feel if they were asked to annually certify that they are personally responsible for establishing and maintaining cybersecurity defences and guarantee the effectiveness of the controls in place to protect these assets.”

Carrot Insights founder and CEO Andreas Souvaliotis will discuss how digital tools can help influence Canadians to live healthier lifestyles, including apps such as Carrot rewards, a consumer health app designed to influence behavioural changes.

“In the past, government agencies relied heavily on advertising to promote healthier living – campaigns like TV commercials for the flu shot, smoking cessation information on cigarette packs or pamphlets promoting exercise and physical activity”, said Souvaliotis. “The idea of Carrot came out of the enormous success and unique effectiveness of all the popular loyalty points programs.

While Infoway has always collaborated with clinicians, patients, government and others, the organization continues to greatly value the participation of patients and caregivers for the unique perspective they bring to dialogue. Once again, the 2017 Infoway Partnership Conference is proudly Patients Included Certified.

To learn more about the program or register for the conference, visit www.Infoway-inforoute.ca, or follow us @Infoway #thinkdigitalhealth.


Conference highlights: 

The Sequoia Project

The Sequoia Project is the leading interoperability organization in the United States, pioneering the nation’s first public-private health data sharing network (eHealth Exchange) and a new national-level trust framework for exchange among networks (Carequality). Mariann Yeager, CEO, will share valuable insights from building nationwide health data sharing initiatives, which enable exchange across disparate geographies, vendors, technologies and networks. Discussion will include a history of the evolving market and government dynamics, privacy challenges, incentives to share data, and other lessons learned regarding barriers to exchange faced in the U.S. and Canada.

Data Governance, Privacy, and Cybersecurity in Health IT

A unique panel with Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Jill Clayton, global security strategist Kevin Magee and patient Deborah Prowse will discuss the challenges of protecting the privacy of Canadians at a time when data ranks among the most valuable asset globally.  Expect to hear some of the leading questions and answers about privacy, data governance and cybersecurity in Canadian digital health

PrescribeIT™ and Medication Safety Canada

With 39 per cent of Canadians, age 55+, taking four or more medications, and Canada ranking second in the consumption of opioid prescriptions globally, ensuring medication safety for Canadians has never been more important.  An integral step toward medication safety includes the implementation of e-prescribing in Canada.  Canada Health Infoway is well on its way to initiating PrescribeIT™, a single service e-prescribing service to enable prescribers to securely and electronically transmit a prescription to a patient’s pharmacy of choice.  In this session, Dr. Mike Hamilton, (Institute of Safe Medication Practices Canada), will moderate a panel discussion on the progress made toward PrescribeIT and questions related to its role in medication safety.

Mobile Health

The results of a nationwide survey on the adoption of mobile health apps and smart connected devices in Canada will be shared and discussed by Guy Paré, Chair in Digital Health and Professor of Information Technology, HEC Montreal. With a representative sample of 4,109 Canadian adults, this is the only national market survey in this area and is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

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