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Honest Ed Mirvish had his share of fights. . .

Back in 1959, a pharmacist named Norman Englander tried to set up a discount drugstore in Honest Ed’s. Mr. Mirvish had no objection, renting the pharmacist 72 square feet for $6,000 and 6 per cent of gross receipts.

The Ontario College of Pharmacy refused to register him, and the Wholesale Drug Companies wouldn’t deal with him. All of this was on the spurious grounds that selling bargain-priced drugs did not serve the common good.

So, Mr. Mirvish went to the press – ”Abject persecution,” one columnist complained – and then to court. Eventually the Supreme Court of Ontario ruled that the college of pharmacists had no right to refuse to register a qualified pharmacist, and Mr. Englander was back in business, filling 6,500 prescriptions in his first year at Honest Ed’s.‎”

From the book “Honest Ed Mirvish” by Ed Mirvish

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