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Vol.4 No.8 | April 21, 2011

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News and notes

From the HR Resources Database

Role of Educational Institutions in Identifying and Responding to Emerging Health Human Resources Needs
John-Paul Tzountzouris and John H.V. Gilbert

The healthcare system continues to evolve, requiring innovation to promote patient-centred, fiscally responsible healthcare delivery. This evolution includes changes to the skills and competencies required of the health human resources (HHR), both regulated and unregulated, who are central supports to healthcare delivery. This has become a priority agenda item at the international, national, provincial, regional and local levels. This paper describes the system factors that drive the emergence of HHR skill and competency needs, and explores the roles of various institutions in the identification of and response to HHR needs.

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From the Longwoods Archives

Nursing Leadership, 14(1)

Discovery Path: A Retention Strategy For Mid-Career Nurses
G. J. Donner and M. M. Wheeler

As health care administrators, policymakers, nursing organizations, and nurses begin to deal with the reality of a looming (and to an increasing extent, existing) serious shortage of nurses both in Canada and globally, recruitment and retention issues are again in the news. Much attention has been directed towards two responses: (a) attracting young people into the profession and helping them integrate into and identify with nursing as a lifelong career, and (b) developing sustainable retention strategies to ensure that nurses remain in nursing. One population that requires particular attention is the mid-career group of nurses. Those nurses, in their late 30s and 40s with 15 and more years of experience, have the professional memory that employers count on, the expertise that patients and clients require, and the experience and wisdom that young nurses depend on for coaching, mentoring, and support.

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Dr. Chris Eagle to permanent President and CEO of Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Alberta
Gordon F. Stovel to the Board of Directors, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ottawa, Ontario
Mark Roman to President and CEO, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network, Ottawa, Ontario
Jim Ghadbane to Chief Technology Officer, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network, Ottawa, Ontario
Dr. Barry Rubin to Ontario MS Expert Advisory Group, Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Paul O’Connor to Ontario MS Expert Advisory Group, Toronto, Ontario
Dr. David Henry to Ontario MS Expert Advisory Group, Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Marcelo Kremenchutzky to Ontario MS Expert Advisory Group, Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Julian Spears to Ontario MS Expert Advisory Group, Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Liesly Lee to Ontario MS Expert Advisory Group, Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Andreas Laupacis to Ontario MS Expert Advisory Group, Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Michael E. Shannon to President of Medizone International, Inc. Stinson Beach, California
Dr. Dhun Noria to the Toronto Police Service Board, Toronto, Ontario
Michael Marchbank to President & CEO of the Health Employers Association of BC
Michel Bilodeau to retire as CEO at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Allison J. Stuart to Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief of Emergency Management Ontario in the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
Frank D. Scarpino to Chief Strategy Officer, Healthcare Practice,OnX Enterprise Solutions Ltd.
Susan Horvath to Vice President, Leadership Philanthropy, Canadian Cancer Society, Toronto, Ontario
Leigh Allard to President and Chief Executive Officer, The Lung Association Alberta & NWT, Edmonton
Dr. Philippe Couillard to Chair of the Board of Directors for Rx&D’s Health Research Foundation
Ron Hewitt to President and CEO, the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children
Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) to be appointed for all 37 public health units in Ontario.
Nurse practitioners (NPs) to have their powers extended to admit and discharge patients in Ontario hospitals
Michael Brogan to President, IMS Brogan at IMS Health
Jeff Moat to Vice President, Partners, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Tracey Ramsey to Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales, Afexa

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