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IBM has made significant inroads over the past year, along with some leading Healthcare partners, to leverage the computational power of Watson and its natural language processing with a goal to develop outcome and evidence-based decision support systems. Dr Martin Kohn, who is leading IBM’s efforts to apply Watson to Healthcare, will address a Watson-enabled future where technology can help Healthcare organizations turn clinical and business data into actionable insights for better outcomes. Dr Kohn will discuss IBM’s progress with its Healthcare partners, providing an overview of how IBM Watson has been targeted to process natural language and complex meanings to support clinical decisions, based on the ability to rapidly process large volumes of structured and non-structured clinical data, including clinical literature.

Tuesday June 26, 2012
8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (Join us for breakfast at 7:15 a.m.)
St. Michael’s Hospital
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
209 Victoria St., Toronto, ON, Canada

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