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Of the millions of websites in the world serving the healthcare sector, here are some online rankings according to GoogleAnalytics and Alexa.com. Lower is better [Google and Facebook are typically No. 1 and No. 2].

Google Rankings as of November 1, 2012.
Rank*                           Publisher’s websites
10,168                           Longwoods Publishing [Canadian rank]
21,035                           Canadian Healthcare Network / Rogers [Canadian rank]
23,772                           CMAJ | Canadian Medical Association Journal [Canadian rank]
1,465,591                      Canadian Journal of Public Health: [Global rank. No Canadian data available]
293,260                        Canhealth.com | Canadian Healthcare Technology. [Global rank only. No Canadian data available]
1,054,176                      HospitalNews.com [Global rank only. No Canadian data available]
2,859,526                      Canadian College of Health Leaders [Global rank only. No Canadian data available]

These publishers are located in Canada and their publications and services ostensibly target readers in Canada. If you would like to see stats for any other journals please let me know.

Typically over a year Longwoods enjoys: 732,327 visits to our site and 1,525,434 pageviews (last 12 months)
Longwoods is well represented at OHA’s HealthAchieve conference. Drop by: you can’t miss the Longwoods brand as you come up the escalators. And if you are particularly interested in collaborating with our education or publication programs please talk to Sarah or Matthew.

Post note:
In the USA, Modernhealthcare.com ranks 24,249
In the USA, HealthAffairs.org ranks 33,768

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