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Bulletin from the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) May 30, 2012

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For the Attention of Hospital CEOs, Board Chairs, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Nursing Executives, CACN and OHA Board of Directors

From: Mark Rochon, Interim President and CEO

Ministry Memo: ALC patients who refuse an offer of admission to a prior-chosen
LTC home bed

On May 23 2012, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Ministry) issued a memo to the Local Health Integration Networks regarding “ALC patients who refuse an offer of admission to a prior-chosen LTC home bed.” Click here to view.

The memo is intended to clarify the options available to a hospital if an alternate level of care (ALC) patient has been determined by the CCAC to be eligible for long-term care (LTC) home admission and has made an informed and voluntary application for admission to a LTC home of their choice, but then refuses a subsequent bed offer from that home.

The memo provides a number of important clarifications, including:

  • The responsibility of the CCACs, as the designated placement coordinators for LTC home admissions, to provide assistance, information and counseling about LTC home admissions.
  • That prior to applying for admission to one or more LTC homes, ALC patients must be advised of the consequences of their selection(s).
  • The right of a person to make voluntary and informed choices in selecting LTC homes to apply to. A person cannot be required to choose from a pre-selected list of homes.
  • That an ALC patient in the hospital who does not move into an available bed in a LTC home to which the patient has previously applied within 5 days of the offer being made – may be discharged from the hospital. (Subject to exceptions noted in the memo.)
  • Patients who have been discharged but choose to remain in hospital may be charged an unregulated rate by the hospital.

This memo has been drafted by the Ministry in response to ongoing requests from hospitals and LHINs. It offers significant clarification from the Ministry, and hospitals are strongly encouraged to share this important information with all staff involved in the process of discharging patients into LTC homes.

Please note that the information provided in the memo does not supersede legislative and regulatory requirements, including requirements related to the LTC home admission process as set out under the Long-Term Care Homes Act and Regulation 79/10.

For more information about this Bulletin, contact Enza Ferro, OHA Policy Advisor, at eferro@oha.com or 416-205-1319 or Melissa Prokopy, Senior Legislative Advisor, at mprokopy@oha.com or 416-205-1565.

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