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New Telephone Consultation Codes

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) have jointly established the Education and Prevention Committee (EPC). The EPC’s primary goal is to educate physicians about submitting OHIP claims that accurately reflect the services provided and that are in compliance with the law.

Interpretive Bulletins are prepared jointly by the Ministry and the OMA to provide general advice and guidance to
physicians on specific billing matters. They are provided for education and information purposes only, and express the Ministry’s and OMA’s understanding of the law at the time of publication. The information provided in this Bulletin is based on the October 1, 2010, Schedule of Benefits – Physician Services (Schedule). While the OMA and Ministry make every effort to ensure that this Bulletin is accurate, the Health Insurance Act (HIA) and Regulations are the only authority in this regard and should be referred to by physicians. Changes in the statutes, regulations or case law may affect the accuracy or currency of the information provided in this Bulletin. In the event of a discrepancy between this Bulletin and the HIA or its Regulations and/or Schedule under the regulations, the text of the HIA, Regulations and/or Schedule prevail.

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