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Unwords.com is one of many sites that play with language. Its fun and the results can become mainstream in a moment. Think about “tweeting” and “blogging” and “keying” — all words we use in everyday language now. Below are a few others from this featured site.

Idea. If we focus on new words that relate (even remotely) to health and healthcare we would surely help our  authors. Any suggestions? Just respond to this blog. We will feature the good ones in the Longwoods eletter. Goforit.

destinesia (dĕs’tə-nē’zhə) 1. a. (n.) Going upstairs or downstairs and being unable to remember why

hallucidate (hə-lü’sĭdāt’)  1. a. (v.) To elucidate by means of a hallucination. 2. b. (v.) To have a hallucination that clears up something or illuminates the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

hydroholic (hī’drə-hô’lĭk) 1. a. (n.) A person who is addicted to water

hypnoxia (hĭp-nŏk’sē-ə) 1. a. (n.) A condition described as having extremely irritating qualities.

impotience (ĭm’pō’shəns) 1. a. (n.) Eager anticipation by men awaiting their Viagra prescription.

(spĕn-dôr’fĭn) 1. a. (n.) The substance generated by the brain that improves mood or reduces depression when one self-medicates by going shopping.


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