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Too little, too late as the health supertankers start to turn

What is to be gleaned from the latest OECD Health at a Glance 2013? The healthcare service supertankers are starting to alter course but progress remains slow and icebergs of diabetes, dementia and longer life expectancies dwarf expenditure.

French state plans activity ceilings for hospitals

The French private hospital sector is enraged by the government’s latest ploy. Behind the scenes, however, we suspect that there is a deal to be done.

Asklepios issues loan note – so what happens next?

Asklepios has raised €350m with a promissory note. We talk to President of the company Bernard Broermann, and look at how the Helios-Rhoen deal has reshaped the German hospital sector.

Hungary – healthcare reform paying off

Hungarian sources say that the healthcare reforms pushed through by minister of state for health, Dr. Miklós Szócska, under the Fidesz government, has succeeded in cutting costs substantially.  Meanwhile, the government has upped healthcare expenditure ahead of 2014 elections.

Medical Properties plans more deals in Europe

Medical Properties Trust (MPT), the US healthcare REIT specialising in hospital property, is scouring Northern and Western Europe for deals, following its purchase of the property portfolio of RHM Kliniken. We take a look at its strategy.

MC bids for Slotervaart as Dutch hospital sector opens up

The Netherlands is on track to pass legislation which would enable private investors to buy shares in the not-for-profit general hospital sector which provides almost all inpatient acute care in the country. Meanwhile, it looks as though Slotervaart, a privatised hospital whose shareholders have been fighting each other looks likely to be taken over by MC Groep, which is one of the first privatisation players in the country.  We talk to Chris Van Den Haak, partner at BDO Netherlands, who has just written a report on the financial health of the Dutch general hospital sector. Are we about to see a tsunami of privatisation?

Interview: Dag Andersson, CEO, Diaverum

With close to 300 dialysis centres in 19 countries, Dag Andersson claims to run “the most global healthcare service in the world”. We look at how Diaverum is starting to offer a much wider range of services. The company is majority owned by private equity house Bridgepoint, which hired JP Morgan in January 2013 to review its strategic options.

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