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OECD Health Data 2010

How Does Canada Compare

Total health spending accounted for 10.4% of GDP in Canada in 2008, more than one percentage point
higher than the average of 9.0% in OECD countries. Health spending as a share of GDP is lower in
Canada than in the United States (which spent 16.0% of its GDP on health in 2008) and in a number of
European countries such as France (11.2%), Switzerland (10.7%), Germany (10.5%) and Austria (10.5%).

Canada also ranks above the OECD average in terms of total health spending per capita, with spending of
4,079 USD in 2008 (adjusted for purchasing power parity), compared with an OECD average of 3,060
USD. Health spending per capita in Canada remains nonetheless much lower than in the United States
(which spent 7,538 USD per capita in 2008), Norway, and Switzerland.

Download the PDF here.

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