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The following listing provides access to information about out-of-hospital premises where procedures are performed under various forms of anaesthesia. This information includes the outcome/status of an inspection of the premises. Premises are listed alphabetically, and the associated information is displayed starting from January 31, 2013.


According to the Toronto Star the following clinics failed inspections by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

A gynecologist who performed abortions without proper anesthesia. A physician found guilty of providing substandard care to 27 cosmetic surgery patients. Another accused of using dirty equipment and exposing more than 6,000 patients to the risk of hepatitis and HIV.

These are some of the doctors who worked at nine private clinics that failed inspections by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. But until Friday, you weren’t allowed to know the clinic names or why they failed.
After a series of Toronto Star stories calling on the college to expose its list of shoddy clinics, the watchdog caved to pressure Friday and revealed the names of more than 200 private health clinics that were inspected by the college, including the nine clinics found to be providing substandard care.

The list, published in an online public registry, includes the names of 17 clinics that passed with conditions and nine that failed. Seven of the nine failing clinics were located in the Greater Toronto Area, and two were in Ottawa.
The information comes nearly two months after the college released the first report from its “out-of-hospital premises” inspection program, part of a push to improve oversight of private clinics that provide cosmetic surgery, colonoscopies, pain relief and cataract surgery.

In circumstances where clinics are found to have failed, the college has the power to stop doctors from performing certain procedures or working at that specific clinic. The college does not have the authority to shut down clinics.
When asked to provide the names of clinics from the December report, the college said it was bound by a confidentiality clause in the Regulated Health Professions Act. The clause, they said, prevented them from identifying clinics that failed inspection or “passed with conditions.”

On Jan. 31, the college’s council passed a bylaw to publish the clinic names, inspection statuses and reasons for those statuses.
According to college officials, the list of inspected private clinics has changed since the December report was issued. Two clinics were added to the shoddy list, but two others had their “fail” statuses removed. The college refused to provide the names of those two clinics.

The seven GTA clinics listed Friday as having failed their inspections were the Yorkville Cosmetic Surgery Centre, The Fairview Laser Clinic, the Castelli Endoscopy Clinic and the Medical Clinic of Dr. Magdy Elkhashab, all in Toronto, Mississauga’s My Hair Replacement Centers Inc., Bedford Park Medical Centre in Richmond Hill, and the Health With Care clinic in Markham.
Among the two Ottawa clinics to fail inspections was the Dr. C. Farazli MD clinic, an endoscopy whose head doctor, Dr. Christiane Farazli, faces a $20-million class action lawsuit for allegedly exposing more than 6,000 patients to HIV and hepatitis.

The Dr. Wee-Lim Sim Medical Practice, also in Ottawa, received a failing grade after the inspections committee discovered that Dr. Wee-Lim Sim was performing abortions without the proper anesthetics.

Reached for comment Friday afternoon, Sim said he had been performing surgery at his clinic for 47 years and volunteered to be inspected by the college. He said he began performing surgical abortions “as a favour” to patients in “desperate” conditions.
Sim said he has since stopped performing abortions. His clinic remains open to the public.

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