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Part 1 of a two-part series on sick days taken by public-sector health and education workers. Today, the Saskatoon Health Region vows to clamp down on sick time. The second instalment examines the cost of sick time to the two city school divisions.


On Sept. 23, 2009, Australian country music star Keith Urban rocked out for more than 11,000 fans at Credit Union Centre. Underneath a clear sky, it was unseasonably warm — 15 C above normal — reaching a blazing 32 by mid-afternoon.

That day, hospitals, clinics and long-term care homes were also short workers. On a typical Wednesday, about 720 Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) employees call in sick. That Wednesday, the region got sick calls from 815 employees. And, the day after — a Thursday, when an average 675 workers call in sick — 769 people said they were too ill to come to work.

The health region doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. Read more

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