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Partnering with healthcare sector leaders is one of the best ways for a brand to reach an already engaged and targeted audience; and a strategy that highly influences future purchase decisions based on that association.

Today, social media allows you to work with smaller budgets and still have the ability to create major impact and value with a sector leader as your partner. And so, if the appropriate leader of a community hospital is willing you can request permission to build a case study reflecting her or his use of your product, technology or system. Make sure you have full agreement with your new partner.


The right strategic social media plan is cost-effective and easily activated – with a short time window to see results.

Brand managers should consider these three steps first:

  • Determine who the members of your target audience are. What are their habits? What are their needs and wants? What social media platforms do they use? And how do they use them.
  • Keep the post authentic and always relatable to the user base and in the voice of the leader lending you a voice.
  • A simple post can be amplified with a photo or video and provide shareable content.

Creating the right leadership driven social media plan is based on a number of factors but especially your commitment to strategize, select, and procure a leader advocate with chutzpa, knowledge, a superlative reputation and a willingness to collaborate.


This is an edited version of a promo sent to me unsolicited by www.hollywoodbranded.com. The leaders Hollywood recommended were in fact celebrities. That’s not far off what many leaders in healthcare aspire to. Now if you have the chutzpah, you might want to look up hollywoodbranded.com and retain their services to get you on the right track.

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