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The information contained in these pages is a copy of the official documents of these organizations. Since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act does not specify the language in which these documents need to be prepared, the Ministry of Finance publishes these documents in the original language in which they were prepared and presented to the Ministry.

Disclosure for 2011 under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996: Hospitals and Boards of Public Health
This category includes Ontario Hospitals and Boards of Public Health. Some Boards of Public Health can be found under a municipality in the “Municipalities and Services” category.

Divulgation pour 2011 en vertu de la Loi de 1996 sur la divulgation des traitements dans le secteur public : Hôpitaux et Conseils de santé
Cette catégorie contient les hôpitaux de l’Ontario et les Conseils de santé. Il se peut que certains Conseils de santé soient inclus dans la divulgation d’une municipalité dans la catégorie “Municipalités et services”.


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