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Supporting  Clients on Methadone Maintenance Treatment
This guideline focuses on recommendations for any youth, adult or older adult either already on MMT
or those who are potential candidates for MMT.  Particular attention will be paid to priority populations
(for whom there are particular physiological implications of MMT).  The clinical questions to be addressed
by the guideline include:
  1. What do nurses need to be aware of to do an appropriate assessment (in their practice setting) of
    clients who are opioid dependent or opioid abusing, and are either already on or are potential candidates for MMT?
  2. What do nurses need to know about MMT?
  3. What is the role of the nurse in MMT?
  4. How do nurses support a client, who is on or is a potential candidate for MMT, who presents for care?

Development Panel Members
Margaret Dykeman, RN, NP, PhD — Team Leader; Katie Bowler, Nursing Student; Carol Edwards, RN, MN, CPMHNC, CARN; Jan Holland, RN; Sheleza Latif, RN, BScN; Somina Lee; Carol Lynch, RN(EC), BNSc; Angela McNabb, RN, BScN, MN, CPMHN(c); Josephine Muxlow, RN, MScN; Janice Price, RN, BScN; Abby Smith, RN(EC), BScN, PHCNP; Victoria (Vicki) Smye, RN, MHSc, PhD; Melanie Stansfield, RN(EC), FNP(BC), MScN; Sue Starling, RN, BScN, MSc, PhD (student); Jenny Oey Chung, RN, MN; Frederick Go RN, MN; Pamela VanBelle, RN, MN; Glynis Vales B.A. (Honours)

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