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Our Challenge

Communication is a vital part of safe healthcare for our clients and patients. Checklists have become part of standard practice in both the intensive care unit and throughout the surgical journey of a patient. Surgical safety checklists are a key component in patient safety because their impact extends beyond safe surgical processes to improvement in teamwork, communication, and culture.

Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia now mandate the Surgical Checklist be used in every surgery. Most sites across Canada and BC are creating a local version of the Surgical Checklist, and often it is a combination between the one developed by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Checklist is a tool that can assist with three key things that are important to the surgical patient:

·         Improving teamwork and communication

·         Increasing efficiency

·         Reducing Complications

It is increasingly clear that improvements in healthcare will depend progressively more on our ability to promote excellent teamwork and effective communication across the spectrum of clinical care.

Can we improve our care in the operating room? Undoubtedly. 

There’s more. Go to: http://bcpsqc.ca/documents/2012/09/SurgicalChecklistBackgrounder.pdf

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